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Sustainable, repurposed, reinvented, one-of-a-kind

About Gearhead

Gearhead features apparel and accessories inspired by rock and roll and designed by artist, creative director and concertgoer: Paula Hare


Each statement piece is hand-painted, reimagined, reinvented or refurbished from curated garments, quality fabrics, vintage jewelry, embellishments, genuine fur and leather.

While Gearhead collections are released consistently year-round (as opposed to seasonally or biannually), each piece is limited-run or one-of-a-kind. Vintage and antique materials are incorporated and each piece is a rarity, carrying the signature of hand-crafting by our rock stars

The result is a kick-ass, unique style for anyone that wants to look and feel like a rock star. 


Want Gearhead merch. in your store?

We're always looking for new retail partnerships

and pop ups.


Contact our rock stars for distribution ops. Wholesale and consignment gigs accepted.


Contact us for wholesale pricing, custom-designed merch., or more info. about a tour stop at your boutique.  

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